Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crafting/Forging Guide

The purpose and life of a blacksmith is to forge weapons and armors obviously.
This is a simple guide in RO2 Blacksmith crafting.


Open  the profession job window by pressing "J " in your keyboard.
It will look like this:

NOTE: You can only successfully craft an item when you have the correct amount of materials.


When you have the right materials, click on "Craft All" or "Create" located below the profession job window.

But what's the difference?
CRAFT ALL will continue to craft the item selected until the required materials run out. This is good especially in crafting/refining ores since you do not have to do it multiple times.
meanwhile CREATE will only craft one item which you have selected.

After selecting CRAFT ALL or CREATE
your character will look like this:



There is no step 3. After the crafting bar is done loading, you will bask in the glory of lights and the item shall appear in your bag.
What's more is that you will also gain Profession EXP after crafting. The EXP gained depends on the level of the item crafted.

Mysteries to be solved...

I could not say that I am an expert in this field already since I only started playing since CBT. There are still many things I wanna know.

  1. does crafting fail? (so far I have not failed in crafting during the CBT)
  2. are recipes available only in town blacksmith? or do monsters drop them also as loots? O_O
  3. if ever it fails, does profession job level affect the rate of success?
hmm... only time will tell, thus I shall continue my journey throughout Asgard...

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