Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Guardian Vulcan Quest

Oh bodyguard!, please protect my body...

In RO2 Legend of the Second, players can summon guardians. These guardians give you an extra boost in the game. But each profession job has a different guardian. In the blacksmith's case, we can summon the Guardian Vulcan which gives you boost.

You can start the guardian quest when you reach profession Job Level 10.
First initiate the quest by talking to NPC <Blacksmith Expert> Gruparz
He can be found at the upper right of the Prontera map.

Then click the 'Guardian Vulcan: Covenant' to start the quest.

This quest is very simple. All you have to do is bring him a Rugged Mountain Gaiters.
There are two ways to get the Rugged Mountain Gaiters.
  1. If you're rich, just buy it from another blacksmith. (though it's not a very passionate thing to do)
  2. Craft a Rugged Mountain Gaiters with your own hands! (Now that's a real blacksmith!)
 Take note, to craft a Rugged Mountain Gaiters, you need a profession Job Level of 12.
Additional thing, you must obtain the following recipes:

Following the Rugged Mountain Gaiters recipe, You need the following  materials:
  • Copper Ores(small/medium/large), gather them at the Southern Plains, south of Prontera.
  • Copper Ingot, you can obtain these by refining those copper ores you gathered.
  • Root of Life(I), dropped by monsters as common loot.
  • Golden Anvil, buy them from NPC <Blacksmith Expert> Gruparz, or other Blacksmith NPC.

After crafting your Rugged Mountain Gaiters, DO NOT EQUIP IT! just let the item stay in your bag.

Finally talk to NPC <Blacksmith Expert> Gruparz and give him the Rugged Mountain Gaiters.
And the 'Guardian Vulcan: Covenant' quest is done. Congratulations, you can now summon your guardian and give yourself some boost!

If you're thinking of ordering Vulcan to do household chores, forget it. He's a guardian not a maid.

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