Weapons/Armor/Material List

[Great Sword]

[Head Gear]
  • High Riddle Boots
  • Furious Beast's Boots
  • Fierce Battle Chain Boots
  • Fierce Battle Plated Boots
  • Red Sunset Chain Boots
  • Red Sunset Plated Boots
  • Chain Boots of Fiendish Massacre
  • Plated Boots of Fiendish Massacre
  • Rage Bador Chain Boots
  • Rage Bador Plated Boots
  • Naive Bador Chain Boots
  • Naive Bador Plated Boots
  • Quiver of the Ruined Spirit
  • Quiver of the Forest of Torment
  • Quiver of Fierce Cries
  • Brutal Yoke Quiver
  • Quiver of Fiendish Massacre

  • Medium Rock
  • Large Rock
  • Ingot
  • Medium Copper Ore
  • Large Copper Ore
  • Copper Ingot
  • Medium Iron Ore
  • Large Iron Ore
  • Iron Ingot
  • Medium Silver Ore
  • Large Silver Ore
  • Silver Ingot
  • Medium Gold Ore
  • Large Gold Ore
  • Gold Ingot
[Rune Hole Punch]
  • Cast Iron Runehole Puncher
  • Drill Runehole Puncher
  • Screw Runehole Puncher
  • Spark Runehole Puncher
  • Rocket Runehole Puncher
[Processed Material]
  • Radiant Firmament Crystal
  • Glorious Earth Crystal
  • Eternal Life Crystal
  • Mystical Fragment Crystal
  • Dazzling Trace Crystal

more coming soon...

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