Monday, December 31, 2012

Gathering Guide

Hi ho!~ Hi ho!~ Ore gathering we go!~ 

In RO2, materials such as ores are obtained through gathering them on the field map.
If you are of a Blacksmith Job, you will see huge shining rocks on the field just like below.

This is where you gather ores. It can also be indicated with a pick axe when you hover your mouse over them.

To start gathering ores, simply right click on those shining rocks, and your character will gather the ore.
You do not need to buy any tools or such to gather ores which is very convenient.

When the gathering bar is complete, the ore items are directly sent in your bag. The shining rock disappears but it will respawn later.

The number and type of ores you will get are random, but this also depend on which map field you are gathering. When gathering in West Mt. Mjolnir and East Mjolnir, you get 1~2 Small Rock or Medium Rock or Large Rock.
Meanwhile gathering in South Plains, you can get 1~2 Small Copper Ore or Medium Copper Ore or Large Copper Ore.

The farther you get in the game, the more variety of Ores you randomly get.

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